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>>> good morning. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to union city where police are trying to figure out how a young man spends his final hours in a trash can outside of house of a family friend. that story coming up. >>> bay area veterans are getting a stable, clean place to stay starting today. we will give you a look inside a housing complex many will soon be calling home and what veterans hope it will do for their lives. >>> and facebook is making the bay area one of the richest cities. we will show you what is behind the cash infusion. >>> plus, put down that burger. you may be shunned in one california city. >>> and a live look outside spanning over the south bay. that is san jose. christina loren will tell you about the crisp day outside. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i' i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. union city police investigating a bizary hiizarre death. a young man stuffed in a trash can. we have bob redell with more. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we know the lady who lives in the home behind me on tenth s
visible injuries and police have identified him as joseph perez of union city. police are looking for information from anybody who may know what happened here and because there are suspicious circumstances surrounding his death they need people to call him. i put a call to the coroner's office and they say because it is a holiday, an autopsy will not be done until tomorrow. we are hoping to get more information about his death as the morning continues on. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> another attack in afghanistan. authorities say the man was wearing an afghan uniform when he shot and killed a british soldiers. at least 60 soldiers have been killed in 45 insider attacks. the attacks have raised questions about how they can take over security of their own country by 2014. >>> more circumstances are coming to light after general david petraeus resigned from his job. there are questions about the timeline in the investigation of his job, jacqueline? >> reporter: lawmakers want to know who knew what and when about the affair. another woman received threatening e
. >>> union city police made an investigation as a woman was taking out the trash, this mysterious thing happened and police have just spoken to the family, good afternoon jeanine. >> reporter: good afternoon. they are gathered where all morning long people are shaking their hands in shock because their loved ones discovered he is now gone. >> amelia gonzalez can't get over how her brother was found. the woman who lives at this home was taking out the trash. when she hoped it, she found mr. perez unconscious. >> she couldn't get him conscious. >> reporter: they recognized him, he was a close family friend who stayed at their home from time to time. police say there were no obvious signs of trauma. detectives are tracking down where the garbage can came from. >> whether somebody else was place in the can we just don't know. we are treating it is a serious crime. >> reporter: his family said he suffered from a bone disease and was on disability. they described him as always smiling. >> he was the most kind hearted person. he loved everybody. he was non-judge mental and accepted every
waiting in line since early tuesday morning! you can also see as i pan over here, union city police are out here on standby. i did talk to several people in the line in the front and the back, and they had mixed reactions toing out here -- toing to being out here. >> it was raining tuesday, it's been crazy, i got soaked. >> what was it like celebrating thanksgiving here? >> it was really different because you're not with the family. you just -- they bring you a plate, and you just got to sit and eat it. >> you wanted a laptop. do you have any chance? >> i honestly feel like i don't, but i'm going to pray that i do >> so you don't mind sitting here? >> well, my butt hurt, but besides that, no. >> we've been here since 7:00. >> is it worth it to got a good deal? >> i think it is, especially in this economy. >> the 40-inch toshiba. >> i want a tv, it's like $180. >> there's a lot of people in front of you that want it too. >> they're going to have to fight me for it. >> reporter: everybody trying to get their hands on that tv. the doors are going to open up here at midnight. and yo
about the affair, toward the end of the summer. >>> police in union city investigating death of a man found in a trash bin a woman discovered the injured man while taking out her garbage yesterday morning. she called authorities who rushed him to the hospital, where he died. police are persuing active leads and would like anyone with information to call union city police. >>> gilroy family grieving the death of their dog after a pit bull barged into their house and attacked the 67-year-old poodle. the pit -- atack their 6-year-old poodle. >> just this much and the dog nuzzled its head through. >> reporter: the 11-year-old opened the door to let her 2-year-old brother in the house. little did she know a pit bull she had never seen before was at the door too, eager to get in. >> i was trying to close the door the dog pushed it and i slammed it against here. >> reporter: her little brother just arrived home with their grandfather who didn't see the pit bull at the door until it was making its way inside the door. >> i've never seen it here. >> reporter: within moments the poodle ran to t
city police apartment. enliven union city, reporting-live in a union the city. sieger baja still ahead, michael yaki is here talking about the petraeus... scandal ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> the resignation of cia director, david petraeus is beginning to sound like a race the spy novel. the retired general stepped down after the fbi discovered an extramarital affair. it's raising lots of questions about how washington works, how well its secrets are protected. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are questioning who knew what and when, if regarding the petraeus affair. a spokesman for house majority says the congressman heard about it in late october. it sounds that we did not hear about it until election day in justice not add up. >> the president disposable of liddy did not know about it until after the election the homeland's security germans say it doesn't make sense. >> after admitting to the affair,
city police carried out a swat operation this morning in oakland around 5:30 there east of there. neighbors reported hearing flash bang grenades, police said they were serving search warrants but would not say who was named and apparently they did not find the people they were looking for. >> hundreds of people in fear of losing their homes are here at the san jose convention center. we will tell you how they are getting morning help for free. >> in addition they are checking to see if we will have more rain. mark tamayo will also tell you when some bay area neighborhoods will see 80 degrees again. >>> we will tell you which bay area hospitals are facing a nurse's strike and for how long. >>> dozens of nurses at chef at 7 hospitals in the bay area walked off knee job in a one day strike, dozens walked the picket line there. the union says the walk out is in response to demands by officials for sweeping reductions in patient care and standards in nurse's contracts. >> they have actually shut down any bargaining for our contracts and at this time we have at least 65 take aways on t
of the notorious gangsters in belize. >> police in union city are investigating what they say is a suspicious death of a man nound a trash bin yesterday. that discovery happened on 10th street. a woman took out her garbage. police identified the 21-year-old as a man who later died in a hospital. police say the can did not belong to the home, and it was found in front of, along with investigators family and friends are looking for answers. >> so many questions. >> union city police say no cause of death hz been released. >> only on abc 7 news tonight, two pedestrians struck by a car the fight of the protest in oakland last year are suing filing a suit against bart and oakland police. abc 7 news is in the newsroom tonight with details on this, vic? >> this is the lawsuit. lawyers for the twoñn% say it's been a full year since thisz] incident and neither bart nor police have done anything bit.s the suit says police violated the first amendment rights of the two by their inaction to what they say was an tack on their clients, who are out there supporting the demonstration. >> when you think that ha
.s. city trash can was found as a womb was taking out her trash. union city police are investigating how he ended up there. also they are very lucky to be alive, they fell 25 feet over the pass in panola. the car plunged and police have arrested the driver on suspicion of dui. >>> they are trying to figure out what happened over the weekend. the community came together to remember a 2nd grade teacher and her husband who were killed when their homes were destroyed. in all two homes were leveled forcing 200 people from their homes. >> i was sleeping on my bed and the windows and frames everything came in through the house. my wife started screaming and i didn't know what was going on. >> the fire department is letting some people return them grab some of their belongings. they are suggesting the repair costing could cost up to $300,000. >>> the verdict against 32-year- old frederic kosher will not be read until tomorrow. he faces a life sentence if convicted on all accounts. >>> lawmakers have just agreed to a fiscal austerity budget next year. all of this comes after deep spending cuts and t
in a trash can. >> union city police are not calling this a homicide, rather a suspicious death. investigators and family believe that perez had been out drinking with friends on saturday night, and are looking into weather alcohol and the cold weather played a role in his death. the autopsy is tomorrow. >>> homeless disabled veterans are getting a new permanent place to live in san francisco. and today they got a preview. this building south of market underwent a $30 million makeover with local, state and federal funds. the nonprofit swords to plowshares is helping to run it. it features 75 studio apartments each with a kitchen and bomb. they house counselors, a nurse, cooking and wellness classes. >> this is for vets. and it's going to be veteran-oriented. and it's going to be a lot of other vets around me. and this is a whole different vibe. and i have my own bathroom, my own kitchen. it's really exciting. >> the vets pay 30% of whatever their income is. move-in day is expected in the coming weeks. >>> the high-end hype is turning into low-end bitterness. too much traffic and
the one day strike. . >> and union city police wrapping up a rather large swat operation. the very latest details. . >> and if you are struggling in the housing market we will take you to a big event designed to help that's happening right now here in the bay area. this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. . >>> we have breaking news in the east day. a swat team surrounded a house. what's happening? >> reporter: we are onto 500 block of wesley avenue. you can see police crews here from union city just wrap
signed it. reporting live in san jose, matt keller ktvu channel 2 news. >>> union city police are investigating the discovery of an unconscious man in a garbage pin who died moments later. the woman taking out her trash discovered the body inside of her recycling bin and called 911. police identified the man as joshua perez of union city who stayed at that home from time to time. they said there was no obvious sign of trauma. >> it was a prank of some sort or whether the person injured was some where else and placed in the can we don't know yet. obviously it's an unusual situation so we're treating it as it was a serious crime. >> reporter: perez' family is devastated. they say he was a kindhearted person who loved everybody. an autopsy will likely be performed tomorrow to try to determine his cause of death. >>> menlo park police say they have arrested four people and at least two are known gang members. the arrest came after reports of gunfire before dawn on mad era street. neighbors pointed out the house involved to ktvu. police said they seized two assault rifles, a semi
with his family >> police and union city are still investigating the mysterious death of a man who was discovered unconscious in a garbage can. he was found yesterday's in a trash can outside his union city home. the police are not releasing information or the cause of death. >> police in the country of valley--belize. are searching for john mcafee, the founder of this opera company mcafee ink software- company. in relation to the death of his neighbor in an island town along the caribbean. the victim was found with a gunshot wound to the head and both his cellphone and computer or missing. police have not been able to reach mcafee but the other neighbors have been questioned. >> if the air district it sending that chevron is still in stolen technology which is a step in a right direction >> they are going to put in a stronger pipe material and also decrease the number of valves. it decreases the amount of emissions. but they are also going to be putting in the latest technology valves. >> however, gregor karras with communities for a better environment says that that is to is not
.l÷ >>> a man found unconscious in a trash bin in union city died today. police say they're fating. someone built a small memorial for the 21-year-old josha the locatis found. a woman discovered perez in a trash bin, police say the bin did not belong to the house with it was found. perez taken to the hospital where he later died. >> it just happened yesterday. and we're praying here weir going to make it. i know his family going through a lot. just praying for them. >> police say no cause of death has been released. >> state correction officials are said to begin purging thousands of former prisoners in their roles. they'll be hooking at 9,000 nonviolent offend qlorz failed to register. that usually becomes an automatic arrest warrant. the program will wipe that out, meaning fewer paroles to supervise. it's a money saver but also infuriating to crime victim advocates. >> the reason why we need them to register is how law enforcement tracks predators. it's a serious offense. it may be categorized nonviolent but it's serious. >> purging the roles is expected to take about eight months. convic
thrive >>> police are investigating the death of a young union city man. it all started when a woman was taking out her trash. we'll explain. >>> a car plunges over and the surprising news about the two people inside the car. >> reporter: just two hours from now, negotiations will resume in a week-long grocery strike involving raley's supermarkets. >>> and why a tragic killings that led to a warning for homeless women in one bay area city. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, november 12th. >>> an east bay woman is making -- made a shocking discovery on 10th street in union city. janine de la vega is live on the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. that's because a man was found in a trash can. family and friends are grieving him this morning. they are too shaken up to speak on camera. but they've set up candles here to honor his memory. police were called here on 10th street after a woman taking out her trash found an unconsciousman inside. they recognize him t wa
struggled with officers. the police union and the city put up a $20,000 reward to catch the second suspect. >> these were heinous crimes perpetrated by two individuals who clearly have no regard for human life. >> reporter: he just bought his new bmw that morning. >> he was picking up drinks and it just sucks. >> reporter: his dad wants the suspect on the run to do the right thing. >> even though that he did all this stuff, he should have some value on himself in wanting to live and that he turns himself in. >> and the makeshift memorial on out here has grown considerably over the past couple of days. he was obviously very popular and well liked. the officer shot suffers minor injuries. robbery, burglary, car theft. he'll be in court on wednesday. >> all right, thank you. >>> in the past month, san mateo has been plagued with more than 20 home burglaries, an unusually high number. the latest attempt was at a home on woodbridge circle last night. linda yee tells us how an alert neighbor gets the jump on three teenage suspects. >> reporter: it was an alert neighbor who spotted the burglars.
is released. >>> three out of four members of the school police union in baltimore city have no confidence in their chief, no vote was taken last month, many of the types of votes have everything to do with paying benefits this doesn't. the union's labor negotiators say they have everything to do with how the department is run. >> that's not something to take lightly. when you see them, they are generally -- means in the police world that really had nothing left to lose. they just have to do something. >> specifics of the complaint are held close to the vest. the administration had no comment. both expected to meet this month. >>> continuing our coverage of the water main break on charles street, a chunk of the street is shut down. north avenue, westbound, re- opened, people living in the area have water in they homes knocks estimate on when the main will be fully repaired. crews will be working and the clock in the coming days to fix it. >> i mean, our plan is to get this done as quickly as possible and knowing full well this is a major throughway for the loaders. we will be whacking arou
news. >>> police in union city are investigating the death of a 21-year-old man found in a trash bin a woman discovered the man while taking out her garbage yesterday morning many she called authorities who rushed him to a hospital where he die. this morning police -- where he died. >> my mom and i -- my mom found him. we just don't know, you know. so many questions, we don't know. >> a memorial is growing outside the home where he was found. police say he occasionally stayed home they are pursuing active leads and would like anyone with information to call the police. >>> driver faces driving under the influence charges after a frightening accident in pinole along i-80 and appian way this morning many this picture sent by the pinole fire department that dodge durango, rolled over and flattened. police say the driver crashed through the guardrail off the overpass landed on his roof on i-80. amazing the driver and passenger were able if get out sail. >>> picket lines -- lines this morning at hostess plants nationwide, including one in oakland. thousands of workers are on strike now th
. chieffmeganngilliland is livv from the baatimore city schools police department this means for yourrkids. good morning guys,the schools police union revealed the vote in a letter to c-e-o dr.. annres alonso. the letter says almost three quarters offooficerssvvted they have "no confidence" in ccief... marhsall goodwin's... abilityyto run the department. pagaai... the vote comes after a fox 45 investigation found that dozens oo crimes in school were noo being reported to city police. instead, schooo officials were using what's known as an in-house referrrl. 1:34:04 i would say the in-house reporting is oo the rise. i would ssy it's on thee rise and again who is responsible for that? upper &plevel mmnagement upper level . management.union oofiiials plan o meet with drr alonso to discuss the vote later this month. meantime... the underlying problem of crime n city how any assaultsshave happened recently coming up next half in east baltimore i'm megan giiliiand, foxx5 morning news. pwo men ... face even more charges affer being linked to more idnappings and sexual assaults.and police tell u
in pictures, traffic is still very slow. >>> a union city neighborhood is in shock tonight as police investigate the death of a young man found in a trash can. a woman found him out her home her home yesterday joshua. perez, 21 died yesterday. >>> a car crash led to an argument and a shooting. and it happened on greenwood drive and greenwood course. the c.h.p. says that the drivers got out and began shooting on the one another. the other driver was taken though hospital is expected to survive. >>> gunfire in a menlo park neighborhood led police to round up four expected gang members. two homes were hit by bullets early this morning. police arrested four people, including two known members of a street gang that calls itself "the taliban." police also seized marijuana, assault rifles and a handgun. >> it's very, very quiet, i just don't understand how the violence that come in here. and i think it needs to stop. >> police say that the taliban gang was involved in another shooting ten days ago that injured four people. >>> police in santa rosa are following leads on the stabbing of a w
of armed robberies that proceeded the deadly shooting. the police union and the city are offering a $25,000 reward for capture and conviction of the second suspect. >>> san jose police looking for a hit-and-run driver today. two cars hit a pedestrian that was jaywalking after 6:00 a.m. the first driver, in a dark-colored sedan hit the man and sped off. the driver of a minivan that also hit the pedestrian stopped and is cooperating with police. >>> in san francisco, a rush hour mess tonight. simultaneous accidents causing a lot of confusion. just after 5:00 p.m., a driver hit a pedestrian. 30 seconds later, an explosion in a manhole, blowing its lid. all of this happening south of market, on howard street between 9th and 11th. the underground explosion is linked to electrical wiring connected to the city's med troe system. the pedestrian hit by the driver remains in critical condition. >>> an apology for the widow of steve jobs for the alameda man who violated her home and her heart, when he stole thousands of jewelry and electronics and her late husband's wallet. he wrote an apology fro
up amy hollyfield will buy the latest. >>> police in union city investigating the death of a money whose body was found in a trash bin a woman discovered the -- the injured man while taking out her garbage yesterday morning she called authorities who rushed him to a hospital where he died. police are pursuing active leads. >>> san francisco police still looking for a man they say tried to ram an officer with a car police attempted to stop the man yesterday after he was suspected of breaking into a vehicle. he ran into a construct site after getting out of his car police dog joined the search for the man in the building at third street, officers surrounded the building for a short time as well. >>> family in monterey county hopes you can help them fan a missing woman who suffers from alzheimer's. -- them find a miss woman who suffers from alzheimer's disease she was last seen 2:45 thursday afternoon he is 5'6, weighs 220 pounds. police say she was last seen driving a white 20 lexus gs. plate on the screen: it appears the car had a full tank of gas she may have driven a long distance
but everybody in the city. who manages the police department? >> the police union says that it is not advocating that the police be under federal control but it could happen. this city, the plaintiffs if they do not reached an agreement by december 13th. >> pg&e is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the conviction of two suspects in the walnut creek kidnapping case. this is surveillance video. they forced her into the car, and tied her up and and they drove her to a different string of atms. while trying to withdraw money from her account. the woman was later released that night and the oakland hills. >> the death toll in gaza has reached within 100. with fighting between israel and gossip based militants. despite the talks aiming for a cease-fire. emily shred has more intercepted. >> the fighting between israel and hamas is not stopping and this group of exchange students from berkeley are now in the middle of a war zone. we (sirens) >> the death toll is soaring. with rockets nearly hundreds of palestinians have been killed including young children. talks for a c
city, this as police and fire unions today endorsed question 7. a bus full of question 7 opponents traveled around the state saturday to convince would-be voters to reject adding table games to existing slots casinos and building a sixth casino in prince george's county. >> even if you are for gambling and love to gamble, this expanding gambling bill is just bad for the state and bad for maryland. >> because, they say, a p.g. county casino will take business and jobs away from the soon to be built casino here in the m and t bank stadium and they say the millions expanded gambling promises is questionable. >> we're saying they already overestimated what slots are going to do. it's premature. >> supporters of question 7 have a much different view when it comes to follow the money. >> they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia casinos like theirs, spending $70 million a year. question 7 means millions for maryland schools guaranteed. >> the money promises to go into the state's education trust fund. but whether or not it will increase the amount the state actually sfends on
that police department? >> the police union says it is not advocating they be put under federal control but they could happen if they don't reach an agreement by december 13. >>> $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading leading to the arrest of a suspect in a violent crime spree that left one dead and a police officer injured. police say the suspect is armed and dangerous. kron 4's rob fladeboe has more. >> parked here. probably just going about his business on a friday night and these guys come up, seeing his car he was in. bmw, 23-inch rims, you know, and decided that they would take his car. >> reporter: he fought back tears as he visited a memorial here where his nephew was shot and killed friday night. the victim of an attempted carjacking. >> he was an innocent victim doing what we have done many times, stopping at a store for a soda, coffee, snack, whatever. and he lost his life doing so. >> reporter: at a news conference police and the mayor announced a $20,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the man in this sketch. between 20 and 25-year-old afri
that information. he promised he would never do this again. >>> a man is found unconscious in a union city garbage can. she discovered joshua perez. police say the woman knew perez and he often stayed at her home from time to time. there was no obvious sign of trauma but alcohol may have been a factor in his death. right now police are still investigating this as suspicious. >>> it happened at about 4:30 at bancroft and church street near the east mall. they drove away from the shooting scene and the car was later found at a wall greens store. one of the victims is said to be in critical condition. >>> they will release installation of cameras and here is some of the 30 cameras along the mcdonald corridor in 2008. now the a.c.l.u. toes not like these cameras and they say it is an invasion of privacy and rarely cuts back on crime. >>> the east bay needs to boost ridership if they are going to sweat subsidies. the service receives about 2. 7 million from the metropolitan commission. they are giving them three years to continue to get that money and they need as many as four times of riders to meet t
-mails. >>> police in union city investigating the death of a man found in a trash bin. a woman living discovered the injured man while taking out her garbage yesterday morning she called authorities who rushed him no a hospital where he died. police say they are pursuing leads. >>> 49ers' quarterback smith will have to undergo mandated evaluations and practices before the league determines if he can play in next monday night's game against the bears. smith suffered a concussion in the second quarter of yesterday's game. he was leveled during a play when he was running with the ball. after that smith dove into the line of scrimmage. coach harbaugh took smith out when he complained of blurred vision. the game ended in a tie, nfl's first tie since 2008. >>> this morning marks end of 2012 peak wildfire season in most of the bay area. calfire says so far this year california has been hit by 132 wildfires. >> i guess that means things will be damp. >> it has been getting this way maybe a little more rain. >>> damp, cool, also things are starting to get green some of the hillsides are starting to sprou
of police. everyone in the city of oakland. who manages the police department? >> the place apart the union does not say and advocates the federal control but it could happen with the sente of the plan is to not reach an agreement. >> we are going to take a break is 6:23 a.m. and we will be back in a few minutes. >> half of all americans are in favor of skipping christmas. >> what? >> yes they took a poll in found that 45 percent of people say that the holiday season brings so much financial pressure that they would prefer to skip it altogether. half of those polls say that their stress related to holiday expenses as high or extremely high. 85 percent said they planned to spend the same amount of money are less on gifts this year than they did last year. half of the consumers say between there trying to put their items on my way. >> we were curious to see what you thought about this survey. i got the conversation going on our kron4 facebook page and one person wrote and we don't buy gets any more. we use that money to give to organizations that help the needy and homeless. we have everythin
wife for 37 years. >>> three quarters of the officers in the baltimore city school police force have no confidence in their chief. >> that may seem like inside baseball. members of the union say it's anything but. this affects you if you have a student in city school. >> votes of no confidence in a leaderrer are labor dispute mostly, this one isn't. some say makes it as unique as it is concerning. the vote was taken last month by the members of the baltimore school police union. 84 officers of 110 have no confidence in the school police chief, marshal goodwin. >> it's not something to take lightly. they are generally -- it means in the police world that there is nothing left to lose. >> reporter: gary is the labor negotiator for the police union. he citizen votes of no confidence are last resort involve a beef about pay or ben fis. this is not the case here. this union got a new contract last year and a good one. >> it's about working conditions and communication with management. that's something that should concern the public. >> reporter: both sides have not pub luckily spoken
city is dead after a woman discovered him in a garbage can over the weekend. police say joseph gonzalez perez was found unconscious yesterday by a woman taking out her trash. she called 9-1-1 but gonzalez- perez died at the hospital. today his family is searching for answers. >> he didn't deserve to be put in a trash can. he is not garbage. >> police say he had alcohol in his system and there were no obvious signs of trauma to his body. >>> there is word tonight a marine from san jose was shot and killed by police in palm springs over the weekend. the coroner's office has not released his name. family members identify him as 22 year old alan d. vienna il. there was an altercation and two officers opened fire, fearing for their lives and the people around them. the marine was based at camp pendleton. >>> a crime alert was issued following a rash of burglaries. a dozen were reported in october alone. the burglars knock on the door looking for empty homes in the middle of the day, residents should lock doors when leaving, even if only for a short time. >>> the highway patrol says -- alcoho
city schooos olice chief. chief.megan gilliland is livee prom the baltimore citt sccools police department this morning with more on whattthis means foo your kids. good morning guys,the schooll policc union reeealed the vote in a letter to cce-o dr. andres alonso. the letter saas almost ttree quarters of officers voted theyyhave "no confidencce in ability to run the department. aggin... the vote comes after a fox 45 investigation found that dozens of crimes in to city ollce. inntead, rted - whht's known as an in-house - 3&1:34:04 i would say the pn-houue reporting is on thh pise. i would say it's on the responsible for that? uppee &plevel management upper level . management.union officials plan to meet with dr. alonso to discuss the vote later this month. meantime... the underlying problem of crime ii city schools is still there.just how many assaults have happened recently coming upp next half n east fox45 morninn gilliland the search continuus ttday... for a ssspect in northeast baltimore... whoostole a car witt a 7-year-old boy in the ba. ha
are linking yesterday's shooting to hispanic gangs from union city. david stevenson. >>> california parole officers were out last night making sure halloween was safe for children. they contacted 1700 parolees statewide. here in the bay area, and along the central coast, 252 searches were conducted. 16 arrests. 85 arrests statewide. charges including possession of child pornography, weapons and narcotics. >>> the attorney for a swimming coach labeled the defense response as appalling in a lawsuit against the school district over sexual abuse when the coach was a teen. he says the two teachers abused her. one committed suicide the other pleaded guilty. the defense said her negligence contributed to her auburns. the district, the superintendent -- abuse. the district and the superintendent are named as defendant. >>> long road of recovery after superstorm sandy. 90 people in the united states and canada were killed. bringing the total death toll fromicisticist to 100 -- from superstorm sandy to 157. and officials abandon their search for a ship's chapten who is believed -- is happen who is b
was seriously injured when he was shot in the head. both victims are from union city and it does not appear to be connected to the giants celebration. >>> it is clear the recovery from super storm sandy will take a long time. the death toll number and ins on sandy has taken as high as $55 million and president barack obama said new york was a top priority and promised help. amtrak plans to restore service and it is free to ride mass transit today. they are trying to get officials back running and most new jersey is skull shut down. environmentalists say the state may not want to rebuild because of more extreme weather but if they do build they should build behind more walls and 6 5,000 people are still in shelters. >>> a driver who hit two children in the crosswalk, the the accident happened while trick or treating. a 10-year-old and 40-year-old boy were taken to the hospital. it is unclear whether the driver will face charges. the meanwhile officials say a driver was killed after crashing a car on todd road last night. authorities have not said what caused that crash. >>> bart may have a s
department been put under federal control is growing larger. now an attorney or poisoning the police union said it unfair to blame only the rank-and-file. the promise they to make reforms. the city has parlayed--nearly 10 years to make those changes. >> the question is is anyone above the rank of sergeant lt. are they being held accountable. i am not talking about just the police department i am talking about the entire city of oakland and their elected officials. are they being held accountable? let us talk about the people will supervise those cops. everyone in the city of oakland. who manages that police part. >> the police union said it is not advocating that the department put under federal control. but that could happen if the city and the point is don't reach an agreement on reforms by december 13th. >> about 200 workers are taking part in a 24 hour strike at the port of oakland and the oakland airport. workers represented by the service employees international union walked off the job at 930 last night. they are protesting what they say are unfair labor practices. the strike is not
from union city were shot minutes after the world series party. police found man at the intersection of leavenworth in turn around to 40 5:00 p.m.. one of the victims is a teenager. the other is in his 20s. the victim shot in the upper body was taken to surgery the man shot in the stomach was treated and released from the hospital. the gang task force is involved in the investigation. other than the fact of the victims were wearing giant deere the shooting was related to the world series parade. >> at this point we do not have any information as well as a suspect description goes spirit clearly after the shooting several people were seen running we do not know if we have one or multiple suspects that we are dealing with in the shooting. >> investigators are looking at severance video up near the crime scene. so far no arrests have been made. >> two people were stabbed in san francisco's tenderloin district both males listen to the hospital. one with life- threatening injuries. police said four people got into an argument in the intersection of charles burnham placed and south streets
a fox 45 -3 inveetigation found thaa dozzes of crimes nnschhol city police. instead, school officiils were ussng wwat's known as... an in-house referral.while some in the 3 form of intervention... others see it more as a cover up..- 33 (joy and union)1:31:06 when you looo at the number of weapons the reports handled 3 what was reported to police. a concern smiles.(ssokes) 23:13:57 i can't figure out exactly whyyso many agencies don't want to be trasparent. the past nine montts.... more than 150 assaults have occured in city schools. 3 from eree.. union officials say they plan to meet with dr. talk about their in -3 east baltimore i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a man ii foond guiltt of 10 chaares... inccuding rson... affer setting his ex-girlfrrend's noothwest baltimore homee.. on fire. fire.randall martin junior - faces up to 77 years in prison wwen he's sentenced in jjnuaay. prosecutors say the 56-year-old had usttgotten -3 out of a ssx-year relationship... whennhe set 3&p2010.she managed to sccpe... alon
, they will be out on the streets, out in oakland, mike, ctvu news. >> the swat team served -- in union city recently. they were said they heard flashbang grenades however, officers told us they did not find the people they're looking for. >>> san francisco police are saying that they're upping patrols in the mission district. people gathered on harrison street to remember the victims of shooting victims. today, the police chief says that officers are making strides getting the guns off the streets. campo says that all three killings were gang-related. >>> the coach on mara school district says that they failed to protect a girl -- legal filing. saying that christen cunning was responsible for the acts. they must -- kunning says that two -- while she was a student there one of those teachers killed himself the other was convicted and is serving an eight year prison sentence. now to election 2012 out of a new support that find support a growing for a ballot measure that would repeal death penalty in california. it would be retroact acted for the 7125 men and women on death row right now. 45% of likely
oonty. 3 3 3 first on fox a... vote of... "no confidence"... in... the city... &p school... police chiee.../ shortly after....a... fox 45 investigation... reveals possible pressure... put on officers... criie in schools. -3 3 the ...schoollpolice union... revealedd.. thee ote... in p letter... to school cco ...andress lonso..../ the... lettee says... nearly... 75%... of offfiers... voted... theyyhave...."no confidence"... in....chief... marhsall goodwin's... - aaility... to ruu phe department. .../ after... a... fox 45 investigationnfound ... dzens oofcrimes... in... school .../ wwre... ot eported -3 citt pollce. / &pinsteaa,... school officials... were using ....hat's knoon as... an... 1:33:04 i would say the 3 rise. i would say it's on the - riss and again whh is responsible for thht? upper levee management upper level anaagment. union officiils... plan to meet... wwth alonso... to discuss the vote latee thi
" in &pthe city school police chief.... after a fox 45 inveetigation reveals possible ppessure eing put on officcrs po under-report crime in schools. theeschool police union revealed the vote in a letter aaonso. the letter says aamost three quarters of confidence" in ccief marshall - gooowin's ability to run the department. the vote comes after a fox 45 invvstigation school were not being reported school officials wwre using what's known as an in-house referral. 1:34:04 i would say the in-house reporting is on the rise..i would say it's on the riie and again who is responsible for that? upper management.unioo officials plan to meet with r. lonno to iscuss the vote later this month 8---people... are... reattd for ...carbon monoxide poisoning in north baltimore. baltimore.the ... fire ddpartment says... four adults nd four around 8:300last night.../ after... of... carbon monoxide... were ...ffond inside thierrhomee.. on... kern-wwod avenue...//.it... may... have leaked prom an appliance..../at last weree.. innstable condition. 3 a north baltimore carry-outt ooe year after a murder.
race jimmy new win has got a lot of backing of the police officer's association and the other unions that are mad at chuck reed and the other city council people. they are sending a message loud and clear to the city council people >> all issues that are so con . let's put it this way. he's gota lot more enmist and friends. >> he does. chuck reed is goingto be facing a lot of issues, but overall, the public supported that and the retention reform. yeshgs you can votewhat the people want, but when it's your turn to come up for re- election, the people that are against you, the people come out in an incredible force >> we're going to talk about prop 34. it is the deathpenalty proposition. i don'tknow if ze any numbers on that yechlt let's check in with linda and see where it stands at this point. linda? >> high the there, day that. the numbers rortd are still very early. they know yes on prop34. they are still hopeful the propositions will win, even though the numbers aren't looking good. with moreprecincts, they're hoping that they have a chance. that had tohave been the case that we'
for a resolution between lawyers, police, city leaders. judge henderson will hear arguments, from both sides next month about whether to hand control of the department to federal authorities. lawyers for the police union filed papers against department leadership saying they are ineffective and failed to implement court-mandated reforms. >>> i'm len ramirez in silicon valley. apple has major plans to expand in santa clara but what other bay area city may benefit from that? the story is just ahead. >> the fate of the farm is decided. what's going to happen to this long-time bay area oyster company? >> was he drunk? the officer said no, he sneezed. >> the surveillance video of a bay area crash blamed on a sneezing fit. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a planned expansion into saa clara will provide work spae for more than a >>> the tech giant apple getting more room to grow. a planned expansion into santa clara will provide work space for more than 1,000 apple employees. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez says one person in particular is rolling out the welcome mat tonight. len. >> reporter: that's right. you know, apple
day baltimore. ((break 4)) 3 3 3 3 firstt n fox.... vote of "no confidence" in the city schools police chief. chief.tom rodgers is here with more on what this means for your kids... along with your other top ssories.good morning, tom. thh schools police union reeealed the vote in a letterr to c-e-o dr. andres alonso. the letter says almost hree they have "no confidence" in abilitt to run the department. again... the vote comes after a fox 45 investigation found that dozzns of crimes ii school were not being reportee to city policee insttad, school officials were ussng what'' knoon as an ii-house reffrral. 1:34:04 i ould say the rise. i woold say it's on thh - rise and again who is responsibbe for that? upper level management upppr level ma. managementtunion officials plan to meet with dr. alonso month. now that marrland voters have the state... casino owners are speaking out about their plans. plann.the president of caesars entertainment.. which plans to &psays the project will bring u too17- hundredd jobs to the city and will have more than 37- hundred slot machines... and more tha
-and-file follow orders. they don't develop the strategy, they don't develop the orders. >> reporter: oakland city officials declined to comment on the union's allegations because it's an ongoing court case. but attorney john burris who has represented victims of police abuse and who is pushing for the federal court takeover of the department said the problem is deeper and that in fact the rank-and-file do shoulder some of the blame. >> the issue is the officers' conduct itself was wrong in each one of these cases. it was improper. if the officers acted properly in all these cases, we wouldn't have a case. >> reporter: one thing both sides agree on at this point is there needs to be a more effective leadership at the top of the oakland police department. and that is basically the federal judge is going to be deciding in the next couple of weeks. it's something that oakland officials doesn't want to see, a takeover but with this in the file now, it should make for an interesting case. in the newsroom, phil matier cbs 5. >>> now to the developing conflict in the middle east. tonight, world leaders a
't develop strategy or orders. >> reporter: oakland city officials declined to comment on the union's allegations because it's an ongoing court case. but attorney john burris, who has represented victims of police abuse and pushing for the federal court takeover of the department, said the problem runs deeper and that in fact the rank-and-file do shoulder some of the blame. >> the issue is the officers' conduct itself was wrong in each cases. it was improper. if the officers had acted properly in all these cases, we wouldn't have a case. >> and that was phil matier reporting for us in oakland. >>> a burglary spree may be over with three young suspects under arrest on the peninsula. they were all caught at the scene. latest burglary attempt on woodbridge circle in san mateo. the suspects arrested sunday night are 13, 15 and 18 years of age. they are all from san mateo. police say they had a pillowcase full of stolen items and burglary tools when they were all arrested. it was an alert neighbor by the way who spotted those burglars. >> this is another great tip from an aware neighbor
the oakland police department. >> the people rallied outside the city hall yesterday. remembering 18-year-old high school senior killed by the police in may. the family and their supporter streets held similar demonstrations. this included unions including long shoreman. they suggested a general strike k. >> those are the kind of actions that the labor movement needs to take to put an end to this kind of police brutality. it is happening too often. >> they declined to talk and said the officer acted in self-defense when he had a gunpointed at him. >>> they will remember louis colleros and on tuesday night. his body was found inside an abandoned auto repair shop. >> they are investigating his death as a him sued are tonight. >> they plan to return up to the location on the mission boulevard to remember him. >> people living on the s streets. >> a woman was discovered on fourth street at the beginning of the months. she had been stabbed repeatedly and no arrests have been made. the homeless, especially the women will stay vigilant. and a reward is offered in the case. >>> her nerves were ra
the shooting is gang related. they say the victims are gang members from union city and may have run into rival gang members when they were shot. >>> new video now of a deadly shooting at an east oakland business. happened about 7:30 tonight inside the marcus cellular ups store. a man at the scene told us the victim is his father, and was the owner of the store. he said he had run the business for years. police aren't commenting, the victim's son said officers are not yet told him if the shooting was part of a robbery. >>> police in pleasanton today released the name of a woman found stuffed inside a trash can. they also announced an arrest in the case. javier sandoval is in custody tonight. police say he and the victim, anna panetta were in a relationship. her decomposed remains were found inside a trash can on may 24. stockton police say she was reported missing in june. >>> now to our continuing coverage of superstorm sandy. the extent of the damage became clearer today. the jersey shore seemed to take the worst of it. beach towns such as seaside heights are devastated today. the death toll
the victims are gang members from union city and may have run into rival gang members when they were shot. >>> new video now of a deadly shooting at an east oakland business. happened about 7:30 tonight inside the marcus cellular ups store. a man at the scene told us the victim is his father, and was the owner of the store. he said he had run the business for years. police aren't commenting, the victim's son said officers are not yet told him if the shooting was part of a robbery. >>> police in pleasanton today released the name of a woman found stuffed inside a trash can. they also announced an arrest in the case. javier sandoval is in custody tonight. police say he and the victim, anna panetta were in a relationship. her decomposed remains were found inside a trash can on may 24. stockton police say she was reported missing in june. >>> now to our continuing coverage of superstorm sandy. the extent of the damage became clearer today. the jersey shore seemed to take the worst of it. beach towns such as seaside heights are devastated today. the death toll has climbed to 74 in the u.s. the
: hundreds of people started their afternoon outside of oakland city hall protesting police brutality. >> we're not going to go away and just take this laying down. >> reporter: it was all in the name of 1- year-old alan blueford who was hit is-shot and killed by an oakland police officer last may. >> opd has systematic problems that they refuse to address and we're beyond the point that we need to address the issues. the blueford family and their supporters have held similar rallies, but today they had support from unions, including longshoremen. >> those were the kind of actions that the labor movement needs to take to put an end to this kind of police broughtality. it's happening too often. >> reporter: the protesters marched throughout oakland. >> alan was the light in this world. am was a good boy. >> reporter: alan blueford's mother led the way. >> we want justice for our son. >> reporter: prosecutors declined to file charges saying that officer masso acted in self-defense. oakland police are targeted by the often incendiary rhetoric. >> my job is to make sure that their message c
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